Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday 2 of my coworkers and I had a puppy play date. We all brought out dogs to a local park that had a dog run and to my surprise there were a TON of dogs there. It's funny because my little 5 pound Pom, Freddie, thinks he is SUCH a tough guy and likes to bark and growl at other dogs, but as soon as he saw about 30 other dogs he got a little scared. I held him for a bit, then I let him down on his lease while giant dogs got their SNIFF on...if you know what I mean. Freddie could handle it for a minute or two they run between my legs and want me to pick him up...which was quite a change of pace because I can rarely get him to come to me outside. There was this one poodle who was quite fond of both me and Freddie, luckily the poodle's owner was a cute guy so I couldn't get too mad. At one point I was down the other end of the dog run with Freddie and let him down without his lease and he was running like a little bunny, but soon other dogs saw him and were running after him like dogs in a race running after the mechanical bunny. The dogs were pretty nice to him, one one nipped at his tail. Mostly the dogs like jumping over him, it was pretty funny.

One of our former Camp Counselors was there too with his dog and told us how it's a pretty regular crowd...although they don't really know each other they know each other's dogs. So I'm thinking I'm gonna jump on this puppy park thing and see if both Freddie and I can make some friends! I hope to get out a bit more to the puppy park before it gets too cold. I used my heated seats for the first time this week and I even wore boots yesterday. Granted it's chilly in the morning it tends to warm up nicely during the day, but the problem is that our office is a icebox! This weekend though our offices will be getting "warmed up" to a degree - we are getting our offices painted. Three of my walls are going to be painted a neutral that is actually called "Bagel" and then my back wall is going to an accent wall in "Knockout Orange" which is a bright orange, but has a lot of coral in it, either way I am PUMPED!

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