Friday, October 17, 2008

Rrrrring Rrrrring

I had not one, but two pretty interesting phone conversations this week. So three months later I finally had a "wrap up/final evaluation" with my former supervisor. Right after I left the job I was ready to give him a real piece of my mind...but I guess time heals most wounds because I was very calm and it was ALMOST a pleasant convo. I got to FINALLY hear some praise from him, which was something I never got. I also got to give him some feedback, which I was able to do nicely and constructively - who would have thought! Overall it was a good convo and I'm glad to have had some closure.

My other phone call was yesterday. So I met a boy this weekend - a verrrrry cute boy -who is not only cute, but really freakin funny. Now I understand that I was being coy or a little hard to get, but that's how I roll. So we exchanged numbers and he essentially told me to call him. Me call HIM oh my. So after consulting a number of people I decided to call him Thursday (Oh the games we play, but you gotta sometimes). So I did, I called. I wasn't sure if I wanted him to answer or voicemail. Well after a few rings it went to voicemail - okay. I start to leave my rehearsed, but breezy message when I hear someone beep in. It's him - yay! He seemed rather excited that I called him, which is presh. Let me note that I HATE talking to people on the phone that I don't know really well (I could be ordering pizza or calling across campus and still HATE calling) so obviously calling a hot guy is even MORE stressful. After being and awkward school girl for a minute I got a grip and the convo went smooth. So he's so freakin funny and and easy target to crack on. So yeah we talked for a bit and then his cell was dying so he said to call him over the next few days. here I am with the pressure to call him again. I'm am gonna damn well make sure I tell him to call me next. At least when you are the caller you know when the call is happening, the receiver of the call has to deal with the not knowing/element of surprise. It's a tough break either way. So we shall see...

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