Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baltimore Beatdown

I just needed to blog, while it is all fresh in my mind. This weekend I was in Baltimore visiting Sara and we had a fantastical time. Saturday night KDunks came down from Amish Country for dinner and a night out on the town with us. We all work in higher ed and have all had a crazy semester (mine last few weeks were especially heinous) and we needed to "slow off some steam." We did exactly that mostly thanks to overly prices martinis and dirty shirleys (shirley temples with vodka). More fabulous QU alums joined us out Saturday night - Drew, Jon and Katie. We had tooooooons of fun. At the end of the night we all wanted pizza and were waiting for pizza when we witnessed a crazy multiperson fight. It was the first time many of us saw (in person) people getting punched in the face - one guy even spit blood. Crazy. Sara and KDunks ended up begging Domino's for a pizza and we walked home to our friend Cindy's downtown to crash.

And crash we did. Sunday was quite the sh*tshow including a hilarious brunch. Despite Saturday night kicking our asses it was well worth it. Later Sunday night Sara and I went to see New Moon - it was decent. It was my least favorite of the 4 books, but the movie was enjoyable. I actually found myself rooting for Jacob in the movie which I never did in the books!

Monday Sara worked part of the day and even put me to work, but I'm a sucker for Student Affairs. Monday afternoon we went into the city to get my cartilage pierced. I had always wanted an industrial piercing (a barbell in your upper cartilage) so the past few weeks I was dead set to get it despite how painful I heard it was. I (of course) had a hot tattoo artist/piercer do it and it really didn't hurt. I WAS SHOCKED. The first whole wasn't bad at all,t he second one stung because all the blood that rushes to your ear, but it throbbed for an hour or two, but really it's been virtually painless and I love it. If you don't know what the piercing it just google "industrial piercing" it will come up.

Tuesday Sara and I headed to the northeast (with Freddie of course). We made great time coming up. We also found out that QU men's hockey is playing Saturday afternoon at the Q and a bunch of us are planning to go!

Home was been pleasant so far. Tonight I'm mostly like going out for Thanksgiving Eve to the bars with my friend Rachel (my oldest friend). Friday I'm going into the city to watch the Iron Bowl at an Auburn Alumni bar watch party. Then Connecticut on Saturday before heading back to 'bama on Sunday.

Speaking of Alabama my David Cook played in Mobile, AL last night and Atlanta the night before - it was very bummed I wasn't there for either/both of the shows, but I'm having a great and well deserved break!

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