Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jumbotron Punk

Sara came to visit Halloween weekend. Friday afternoon we just kind of hung around and chilled out after crazy work weeks. I also worked on my Halloween costume “Project Runway” style. I pretty dressed up as an edgier version of myself, but I claimed I was a “punk.” I had a Miami Ink Skull t-shirt that I was to shred up. I ended up giving the back of the shirt a laced corset look and make the sleeves drapier (apparently that is not a word). I also added some strategic safety pins to my shirt as well. Friday night we didn’t dress up instead we went to a blockparty downtown where Delicious’s band “Miss Used” was playing. We also did some window shopping before grabbing dinner at Brick Oven – I had never been and always wanted to. By the time we ate it was pretty much time to go out and we were already parked downtown so we headed out for the evening. Interesting times as always and went to bed around 2:30am.

Saturday was a football game against Ole Miss with an 11:21am kick off…yuck. Unfortunately we were running a bit behind and didn’t make it in the stadium for pre-game, but we did see the fighter jets fly over which was pretty cool. I didn’t have high hopes for this game at all. On like the first drive Ole Miss scores…grrrrrreat. Did finally score a few times in the first half, but the highlights of the half were our SOS jumbotron commercial and Sara and I getting SERIOUS jumbotron time. I was in an orange cowboy hat and managed to make eye contact with the camera guy who got a close shot of us that was up for like 30 seconds…out of control. My cell phone was blowing up with texts after that. Just when I thought the game couldn’t get any more exciting it did. The third quarter was the best quarter of football I may have ever seen. Auburn dominated and scored 3 times right in front of us. There were so many great plays. Going into the half the score was 10-7 Auburn and after the third it was like 38-22. No one ended up scoring in the 4th and we have an awesome Auburn victory. Also the rain managed to hold out, it only really sprinkled during the game, but after the game it rained pretty hard.

Another highlight of the weekend was getting read with Sara for Halloween night…good play list, some adults drinks and lots of make up is always a fantastic time. Sara transformed into Wonder Woman with full regalia and a bump it. I transformed into a “punk” with a bright pink faux hawk, a lip ring, black lip stick, my awesome shirt, fishnets, and the best fake eyelashes I’ve ever worn. Fun times Saturday night talking to so many people. The quote of the weekend goes to a guy hollering at Sara being Wonder Woman and saying “I’ve got a wonder in my pants.” HA-LAIR. We were out til like 5am (maybe 6am with the time change).

We pretty much laid on the couch all day Sunday vegging out. Such fun times. I can’t wait until I head down to Baltimore and see her in two weeks!

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