Saturday, November 7, 2009


Going back to Mid-October in 1 weekend I have two visitors, an AU football game, a David Cook concert and improv practice. Seriously October 16-18 was ridiculous. It was a weekend full of going out and late nights in addition to a lot of driving, not to mention that it was freaking FREEZING that weekend too. Plus freaking Auburn lost to Kentucky which was really disappointing, however out Camp War Eagle Jumbotron commercial aired in the 2nd quarter(after some drama) so that was cool.

The best part of the weekend was David Cook. My sister last minute decided to fly down for the game and concert. Like every Dave concert I have been to I’ve had to drive HOURS. He was playing like 2.5 hours away at the Georgia State Fair. I wanted to get there early to try and meet him pre-show…turns out we rolled up to the fair a few minutes before their busses arrived. Clearly we went to the pavilion and stood by the stupid “walls” (fences) around the busses. We were able to see through the joints of the fence and there he was….like less than 5 feet from me. Clearly he was behind a solid 8 foot fence and I couldn’t meet him, but that didn’t stop me from yelling funny comments at him and the rest of the band. I (along with all the other fangirls) were able to take pics through the joints of the wall which look a little stalker-esque, but I don’t care. After a good bit of staring, yelling and picture taking Cait and I explored the fair.

Oh my fairs are….umm…interesting. All different types of people and deep fried things. I had my first official corn dog and deep fried oreos – personally I didn’t think they were worth writing home about or anything, but when in Rome right?

The concert itself was at 4pm…when Dave greeted the group he was like after 130+ shows this is the first time I’d said “good afternoon.” This was their last show before a 2.5 week break and I must say they had a pretty stellar playlist including my jam “Souvenir” as well as “Kiss on the Neck” – with a little “Hotel California” mixed in. I have to say his banter was the highlight of the show. After the show we waiting around by the fences, but they all had flights to catch so of they went as did we.

After like 4-5 hours of sleep by Friday and Saturday in addition to driving round trip to the airport and the fair I went to improv practice. I showed up a little late due to traffic/getting lost. Improv is good times. We have a pretty solid group and our first show is Sunday, November 15. I had an “off” few weeks, but I’ve felt more “on” as of lately…we shall see. Oh and our group’s name is What the Fox?!

Caitlyn ended up staying through Thursday of that week so we just hung around a bunch, which was nice and laughed a lot which was even nicer.

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