Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night I slept so soundly and I attribute to the fact that work has been so busy the past few weeks and I was pretty stressed out about it. Clearly you all know October was busy because of my lack of posts and the only real real November got so many posts was because I wrote them on the plane to and from Cali.

Let's quickly review the past few weeks
Sept 28 - Camp War Eagle Counselor Applications are out
Sept 28 - October 23 Camp Publicity and Info Sessions
Oct 3 - 5 Flew to CT/RI for a fab weekend
Oct 12 - SOS Applications are out
Oct 12 - Nov 9 SOS Publicity and Info Sessions
Oct 17 - 22 Caitlyn comes into town/AU Football game/David Cook concert
Oct 27 - 29 Camp Counselor 1st Round Interviews
Oct 30 - Nov 1 Sara comes to visit/AU Football game
Nov 2 - 4 Camp Counselor 2nd Round Interviews
Nov 5 - Camp Counselor Call outs
Nov 6 - 10 California for NODA Conference
Nov 11 - First ever SOS group interview process
Nov 13 - SOS Transfer Orientation Session
Nov 15 - First Improv Show
Nov 16 - 18 SOS Second Round Interviews
Nov 18 - My Dad's 2nd Anniversary
Nov 19 - SOS Callouts

I can BREATHE...finally. It feels good. I honestly feel very accomplished, I have been thinking about that crazy CWE/NODA/SOS time for months and I'm glad it's not only over,but it all successful. I must add it was such a success due in strong part to my fantastic colleagues. I don't think I've ever been part of a stronger team and working them is truly a joy everyday.

In the end we have 34 new Orientation Leaders and 36 new Camp Counselors which is very exciting and I can't wait to get to know them all.

Tomorrow Freddie and I head out to Baltimore to see Sara for the first part of Thanksgiving break before heading to New York on Tuesday for the rest of break. In addition to seeing Sara my friends Drew and Kelly are also gonna be in Baltimore this weekend which I am really excited about. Thinking about this weekend has kept me going through all the stress. I'm gonna need one helluva drink tomorrow!

If I don't blog before next week...Gobble Gooble to you and yours.

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