Saturday, November 7, 2009

They Got More Bounce in California

I’ve gotten quite a bit of flack for falling off the face of the earth in terms of blogging, I would feel guilty if it wasn’t for how freaking BUSY I have been lately. I’ll break the past few weeks into a few posts for you guys so it isn’t as intimidating.

I am typing this in a word document in the air about 45 minutes away from landing in Orange County. It’s 7pm my time (central) and I’ve been up since 6:20am after going to bed at 12:30am after callouts. I actually went to work early this morning and worked the morning to get everything set for both me leaving work-wise and conference-wise. I am headed to DISNEYLAND for NODAC – a national orientation conference. I am gonna be jam packed at this conference. I am leading a round table discussion for graduate students on interviewing/job searching, have lunch with a bunch of graduate students as a “mentor”, co-coordinating a 4 hour undergraduate student workshop, presenting an education session on out of state students and going to a bunch of leadership type meetings on top of just “attending the conference.”

*Day one of the conference has been super busy, but also hella fun so I didn't get to post all this until now, I will type up another word doc on my flight home to post then I get back as well!

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