Friday, February 6, 2009

Bitch Switch

This week has been busy, lots to do, but I have a handle on it except for the fact that someone this week pissed me off so royally that my bitch switch has been flipped and despite my best efforts this week I am still in a bad mood. What I really want to do is confront the person who flipped my switch, but to most of my friend's shock I am not a big confronter when it's personal. When it's part of the job like as a Resident Assistant or Hall Director and other businesslike matters that aren't about me. Yet when someone offends me I have a hard time confronting them, well that's not true - it's that I keep myself from confronting them because when someone offends me personally there is no holds barred. I would be afraid of what I would say to the person I was confronting in terms of being mean or cruel. So instead I sit and brood. I am trying to get calm enough so that I can confront the personal and nicely as possible without bringing too much emotion in it. Emotion is the bad part because I run very hot and very cold - there is NO middle ground (again ask any of my food friends they can tell you that as well). So I want to try and have the sunniest disposition possible when I talk to the person about the matter so I will do my best not to say something I'd regret. I needed to vent that here - it helped lower my blood pressure a bit haha.

Thank God today is Friday. I never really "got" why one of the radio stations at home always played "Everybody's working for the weekend" every Friday at 5pm, but now I get it.

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