Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks one year since Freddie and I became a pair. Freddie is my 7 pound orangey brown bundle of pomeranian puppy love. I had wanted to get a dog since I had my first big girl apartment last year. After my dad died I was having a really hard time and I thought this would be the perfect time to get a dog to cheer me up. I knew I wanted a small dog so I could have it fly with me on airplanes, a dog that would do okay living in an apartment and I also wanted one that was easy to groom. As I did my research Pomeranians kept coming up...I also learned that poms were able to be litter boxed trained! The hard part was finding poms near me. I ended up finding a breeder in super north Oklahoma and saw pics of her dogs online. I was torn between a white male pomapoo (pom and poodle mix) and a orange male pomeranian. Clearly we all know who I picked. I was super pumped for to make the journey to pick up Freddie - Puppypalooza as me and my friend Michele dubbed it. Now Freddie wasn't Freddie right away. I made lists and lists and lists. I wanted the perfect name, but also one with some significance. I knew I needed to meet the pup before I named him.

It was about 5 hours each way to get Freddie and get back. The breeders not only bred dogs, but they bred horses and the man like tried to sell us a horse, thanks, but no thanks. Freddie looked so petrified in the car...he got car sick a few times, it was both gross and hilarious. Freddie still gets car sick to this day on long trips. I remember finally getting to my apartment after a long day and we put Freddie down on the floor in front of all his toys and new things and he just sits there. He sat there for like 40 minutes. I was like OMG this dog is broken.

Luckily he came around to being his spunky self. I think it was the next day when I officially named Freddie, Freddie. Even though is full name is DJ Freddie Q. Mercury. Yet I call Freddie by at least 10 nicknames on a regular basis - so much so that my friends who visit know the nicknames well.

Right now he is chewing on a rawhide bone that is half the size of him - it was a gift from me to him. The only "gifts" he leaves me are the type that get flushed down the toilet. Regardless I love my Freddie and I'm so thankful to have him.

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