Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love getting damned at work

It's true, but it happened by a preacher that was on campus yelling at people. I don't even know what exactly he said about me, but he for sure pointed. I must admit it was pretty entertaining, especially the little southern guy who was arguing with him - classic. I only saw one other preacher type person and that was in grad school, my undergrad was private and didn't let regular crazy folks on campus nor did they let us have protests which would have been cool. When I was at UConn though it seemed like there were protests every week. My personal favorite was when people chained themselves to the stairs of the major administration building on campus over tests on monkeys and their protest was the same day of this HUGE 150 year campus celebration with all these big wigs who has to walk in the door past them. I was in class at the time, but it was so crazy/fun that we got to leave class to watch some of it go down.

I also want to make mention that I finally did that 25 things list on facebook. I'm pretty sure most of you who read this got tagged - if not I'll post it soon. I'm expecting some more people to check out the blog from it because I gave it a shoutout in my 25 - I'm all about shameless promotion.

I actually have been blogging so much that I have been neglecting my actual journal so I had 3 weeks worth of thoughts to catch up on last night, but I feel good that I did it.

I'm off to go frolic in the 66 degree weather - I hope it stays this way!

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