Monday, February 9, 2009

Good News

The weekend was pretty low key - got to the gym Fri/Sat/Sun holler. It doesn't hurt that I decided I have a crush on a trainer at the gym. This guy is one of the originals meatheads when I first went to the protein store and we talked a few times after that, but I didn't know he was a trainer at the gym. So then I see him, or who I think is him, sans hat at the gym with a trainer shirt and without the hat I wasn't sure if it was the same guy (for some reason I thought he was blonder, but he has dark hair) so I don't talk to him because I didn't want to talk to him if it wasn't the same guy. Anyway I saw him in the hat with the trainer shirt this weekend so it's on - I'm gonna bring my flirt on. haha

Also this weekend I took Freddie back to the puppy park because it was so beautiful. I really need to socialize him because me and my apartment are practically his whole world and he needs to live a little haha. I met a bunch of people at the dog park which was great, Freddie was a hit because he is so darn cute. Freddie made some dog friends too, including a GIANT rottweiler who was obsessed with Freddie and kept slobbering on him - it was scary, but all the dogs were nice to us.

Today was Monday - Mondays for the next few weeks are gonna be BONKERS with staff meetings and training, but I check my e-mail as soon as a get to work and get some Good News! In December I submitted an application for a NODA Undergraduate Network Co-Chair position (NODA is the National Orientation Director's Association and Networks are smaller groups that work with a specific population). I knew I wanted to get involved in NODA and when one of my colleagues passed along an e-mail saying this position was open I thought about it because I wanted to commit to the right things. The more I thought about the Undergraduate Network the more I realized how perfect I would be for it. I kept the fact I applied on the DL from most people because I really didn't think I would get - it's a highly competitive position, but then today I got an e-mail saying I was selected and I'm super pumped. I think I am officially "crowned" Co-Chair in mid-March I can't wait to learn more about the position and be a resource for undergraduates.


Star said...

Wow....reading that felt like I was sprinting. But it was great because I could hear your voice as I read. Congratulations on the position! You will be perfect for the job. Love you!

Jenniac said...

yeah me and punctuation are good friends. I am also a big fan of elipses... and now hyphens - mostly how i speak is one big run on sentence so i'm glad you appreciate it!