Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dating Speedily

Sooooooooo last night I went to the speed dating event I mentioned a few weeks ago. I mean I was curious to go, but it was really Sara and Colleen telling me that I should go that made me go. So the event started at 7 and I got there like 6:55ish. I had no idea who would come, but there were a lot of cars in the parking lot so that was a good sign. I walk in and there are a bunch of people all seemingly my age. I got registered and got a drink. I tried to occupy myself by watching the UCONN game for a bit until the event really started. So like 20 minutes later they told the ladies to sit in chairs that had their number on it. I was lucky number 7 by the way. There were about 25 women and like 18 guys so ladies would get mini breaks between the "dates." Each date was 2 minutes and I feel like you can get a good sense about someone in 2 minutes. I mean are they physically your type? Do they have a good job? Did they go to college? Are they interesting/funny? Overall there was a good mix. Personally I only checked "yes" for four guys - and even so 2 of them were maybes, but I figured what the hell I'll just put yes. So they radio station who ran the event collected our sheets where we checked yes or no and if both people say yes they will give us eachother's contact info. I don't know when that will be so we will see. It was fun and at least I know there are other people in their mid twenties in this town who aren't married! Plus I made friends with the girl next to me and we are gonna hang out next week, so worse case senario I walk away with a new friend.

Oh, I must say my favorite awkward/funny moment of the night was at one point a guy asked me how old I was and I said how old do I look? He replied with "you look hot." Ummm thanks...weirdo.

I leave for Alumni Weekend at the Q tonight...I am excited like whoa. I am sure I will be back with fantastical stories!

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