Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To the stage!!!

This weekend was jam packed with performances and the theatre. Friday I went to another women's gymnastics meet. This one was more fun because we competed against a team that wasn't very good so A LOT of them women fell during their routines. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was crazy watching these girl miss grabbing the uneven bars and land flat on their stomach and face. Also during the floor exercise there were lots of girls from the other team who couldn't complete their flips/handstands etc.

Saturday night I went 20 miles away to a Community Theatre performance of "Out of Order" which is a new-ish British comedy. I was invited by one of the actors/theatre company guys because I was inquiring about getting involved with community theatre. The show was fun, the theatre was cute. The only bummer is that it's like a half hour away. There is a community theatre in town, but they don't have a show til next month. I really would love to get involved with theatre again. I tried when I was in Texas, but I was just soooo busy.

Sunday afternoon I went to the university's performance of "Into the Woods" not knowing what to expect. I saw "Into the Woods" in high school and really enjoyed it. Well I was VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY impressed. The quality of actors and talent, the sets were fantastic, I all around loved it. I swear if I had more time this week I would have gone again. So now I've been listening to music from "Into the Woods" and looking forward to future performances the students do. I should note that these are regular students they are all BFA (bachelor of fine arts) students.

Sunday night I watched the Oscars and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a Huge Jackman fan, but I enjoyed all his musical numbers...especially the tribute to the musical that Baz Luhrmann arranged. I also was thrilled that Kate Winslet won an Oscar. I have been a big Kate Winslet for a looong time. I think she makes great movies and she looks like a woman, not a twig.

So all in all it was a great weekend for the theatre and actors.

Bonus points for who recognized the title of the blog from Rent's La Vie Boheme - it's one of Maureen's lines.

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