Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crazy Happenings

WOW the past 2 weeks have been absolute madness. We had interviews/selections/callouts for our transfer orientation leaders the past 2 weeks and yesterday was out first training. It was stressful, there was so much to do and my learning curve for my job is only so good. As successful as things went, I'm already looking forward to next year now that I have some perspective. This past week was especially hectic because my sister came into town for four days - pretty much my 4 craziest, busiest, latest days. I did my best to show her a good time - took some long lunches and had some really late nights, but I was glad to see her. I think she enjoyed jogging in the "backwoods" of Alabama and being on the top of the tallest building in Lee county - at least according to her twitter updates. Friday I left work early to hang out with her before taking her to the airport - even though Friday I was EX-HAUS-TED. I so tired driving to the airport that I was worried about driving back that night, oh and I should mention that Friday night I had dinner plans in Atlanta with Ms. Amelia Trace Lerner and Mr. Lain Shakespeare (I went to grad school with Amelia and Lain is her man friend haha). Luckily as I got closer to the airport I got a second wind and after getting turned around a bit I found Amy and Lain's place. They lived in such a cute part of Decatur within walking distance of so many places (lots of bars - but I didn't drink because that would have made me really sleepy). We did end up walking to a yummy thai place and spent dinner catching up. It's so crazy that I've lived here for 7 months and only now were we meeting up, but they again we are all big deals with busy schedules! They also took me to the yummy place for dessert that is known for their Phatty Cakes (Amy you will have to let me know if Phatty is spelled right I can't remember). We basically had awesome times and Lain swooped in to pick up the tab for the night, what a gentleman - who is like famous is Decatur. Well his family is famous, Lain was telling me all kinds of interesting stories - I mentioned that my only claim to fame is that my initials are in a sidewalk on the North Shore of Long Island - which then actually brought up a really funny story about Amy's baby feet in cement at her house. All in all good times and we will be planning more adventures shortly. Clearly my drive back home went smooth that night, especially since I stopped to get a Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (toasted almond with skim milk is heaven). I had like 3 DDs in 2 weeks - amazing.

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Lain said...

You had me at "man friend."

And lost me at "skim milk."