Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick 5

1. First thing's first. I was just told that someone is looking to open a Dunkin Donuts in Auburn. I literally fell out of my chair in excitement. Seriously that would make me so happy. Toasted almond iced coffees anytime I want them...heaven.

2. Today we also officially have this summer's NODA intern. I'm super excited, the whole process has been really interesting from "the other side."

3. I am going to Nashville tomorrow for the weekend to see my friend Christina and sight see. I'm really excited, plus I've never been to Tennesse before so I can cross it off my list of states I've visted. I am leaving Freddie home alone for about 36 hours...I'm very anxious about it, but I'm not putting him in a kennel for a day and a half. I need to stop being such a "mom" (NOTE: I do not think I am Freddie's mom, but I do act caring-ly toward him).

4. I have been at the gym and eating well like whoa. I am down like 8 lbs since I got back from Christmas Break. Even when I was visiting my buddy Will in the protein store he told me he could really see it in my face and legs. YAY.

5. Sooooooooo I'm contemplating going to a speed dating event. The local radio station is sponsoring it at a bar I've been to a few times. I really think I'll end up going out of sheer curiosity and as my friend Sara pointed out - I could always end up with some good horror stories.

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