Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a treat

Yesterday was full of pleasant surprises. The Upright Citizens Brigade tour company did a show here last night. One of the UCB performers was on of my sister's coaches (she takes UCB improv classes in New York). The show was good times and I met her teacher as the show which was good times. Then Chuck and I went for some ice cream which was good times. I came home and watched American Idol and goodness I am INTO in. I wish I watched it from the beginning last year when my David Cook was on. Speaking of Cookie he is playing at FSU this weekend and I tried to get tickets, but sadly things didn't work out. All hope is not lost in seeing Cookie on his college tour. So instead of FSU I'm going to Nashville this weekend to "crash" the a conference where I'll know a bunch of people. It's at the Gaylord hotel and my friend has an extra bed so it's gonna be awesome!

Another treat from the past few days was that I had my first performance review at work. It technically was my first professional job review ever since last year my supervisor never formally or informally evaluated me except months later over the phone when I asked him for feedback, but it was really irrelevant at that time. My performance review was great, better that I thought. I really adore my supervisor - it's crazy how one aspect of a job can be so different.

Random Rant: It really disturbs me how OBSESSED girls in the south are in monograms - embroidered on bags, luggage, sweatshirts, robes, towels and the WORST is the monogram decals on their cars. The monograms also annoy me because the girls are gonna married in like 10 minutes and have new initials so all their monogram stuff will be "out of date."

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